Performance Series Online Test - Chromebook App Managed Solution

Managed Solution (These instructions are for Chrome Device Managers who will add the secure app to their domain-managed Chromebook devices).

  1. Log in to the ChromeOS management console (
  2. Go to Chrome Management> Device Settings> Kiosk Settings> Single App Kiosk and select the Allow Single App Kiosk for devices in the organizational unit you created.
  3. Click Manage Kiosk Applications.
  4. Add the Restricted Mode application (this can be done by searching for it on the Chrome Web Store or by manually installing with the app ID).
  5. If Auto-Login to Kiosk App is not configured, there should be a menu of kiosk apps in the system tray on the login screen; select the appropriate app and it will launch.
  6. If Auto-Login to Kiosk App is configured, the app will automatically load next time the device boots.